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The Sun Is Also a Star Full Movie: “The Sun Is Also a Star” Many lovers of books hate to turn them into movies. The Sun Is Also a Star There are many pros of the situation, we can see if the characters are similar to the ones we imagined, compare the story and even find a topic of conversation with the friends who are movie fans.

The following books will be in theaters this year. And if you have not read them, take advantage before the movie comes out!

This book was perfect for girls who love drama and romance. It’s about two young people in love. The problem is that their doctors do not let them be together because of their illness; so they break a series of rules to be.

Soon we will have in theaters the adaptation of the first novel by Nicola Yoon, Todo, todo, whose premiere date is scheduled for May 19 this year. However, we were surprised by the recent news that was added to his list: the production of his other novel The sun is also a star (The sun is also a star) is already confirmed. This, as we anticipated you in the headline, has as managers Warner Bros. and MGM.

This bet, finalist of the National Book Award, tells the story of Daniel and Natasha. The first, an incurable romantic poet stumbles upon her and thinks they are destined, even though she is scientific and they have very different concepts of falling in love. The only problem is that Natasha’s family is going to be deported at the end of the day to Jamaica. We are faced with the question of whether or not to believe in love at first sight, and the problems that the characters go through and that moves away from the typical simple love story that we are used to reading.

The scriptwriter will be Tracy Oliver, who has already written the Barbershop script: The Next Cut (which was translated here as Barbershop 3) and wrote and starred in the television series The misadventures of akward black girl (which has not been doubled, but whose translation would be the misadventures of a rare black girl), among others.

The sun is also a star does not yet have a release date or a confirmed cast, but we will continue publishing information as it comes to light. At the moment, we have an expert scriptwriter and a book of 2016 with great success, so we start from an excellent premise.

A week ago in New York City, the shooting of the upcoming movie The Sun is Also a Star based on the novel by Nicola Yoon began. In 2017 came to theaters Everything, Everything, the adaptation of the writer’s debut novel, although in Spain the film was never released in theaters, the film came directly on DVD translated as Love is Everything, Everything.

The Sun is Also a Star also talks about love, about the one you risk and forget about what happens around you. But in parallel with fate, Natasha Kingsley and Daniel Bae meet one day in New York and the sparks of love immediately arise, Natasha lives that as her last day in the United States since her family will be deported the next day to Jamaica, her country of birth

In the next LINK we can see the main actors in full shooting.

The actors who will give life to the protagonists were revealed a few months ago; Yara Shahidi will play Natasha, Charles Melton will be Daniel Bae and Camrus Johnson will be Omar.

The film is being directed by Ry Russo-Young, who also directed the adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s novel, If I Do not Wake Up “Before I Fall”.

The movie Sun is also a star will be released on May 17, 2019 in the United States.